Sunday, 21 March 2010


Hello there again! I thought I'd jump right in and tell you all about one of my favourite all-time style icons. I'm pretty sure if you're British you are pretty familar with Fearne Cotton, but regardless of whether you've heard of her or not, here is a post to illustrate her awesome fashion sense.

Fearne, daytime Radio 1 DJ and television presenter, seriously knows how to stand out from the crowd through her casual/boyish attitude to fashion. She has a bit of a fetish for Topshop, Orion, French Connection, Office and ASOS designer Olivia Rubin (and also has her own range at Seeing as she wears mostly high-street, it's pretty accessible if you want to own the same garment(s).

The blonde beauty never fails to dazzle and in a recent interview when asked about her style said: "It's a mish-mash, really; I dress to suit whatever mood I'm in. Sometimes I'm feeling like a tomboy, or more glamorous, or classic- or sometimes I just throw on jeans and some heels- just whatever I feel like". Fearne's own personal icons are Debbie Harry and Chloe Sevigny, and she normally takes fashion inspiration from "places and artists". She's a huge festival junkie, vintage lover and all-round fashion rebel which is why I love her so much.

So, there we have it. Let me know what you think and whether I've convinced you into making Fearne Cotton one of your top style crushes.

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