Sunday, 28 March 2010


Hiya my darlings! Hope you're all dandy. I'm really sorry for neglecting the blog yesterday for all those expecting a post- just crazily busy and majorly lacking in energy (despite drinking as much coffee, red bull, diet coke etc. as my body would allow). Started posting at about 10 last night and fell asleep on the sofa with my laptop! It also didn't help with the clocks going forward and losing a vital hour's sleep. Ah the joys of being a student! I promise after Thursday (when I break up from college for Easter) that you'll be able to look forward to multiple posts each day and possibly an amazing giveaway. I'll also make up for it by posting again later on today and replying to all your lovely comments.

Anyway...I'm really loving the LRD (little red dress!) at the moment. Although both the LWD and obviously the LBD are completely timeless and so easy for a night out (oops, excuse the pun), I'm just bored, bored, bored with them to be honest. I like colour a lot and red is the probably the most eye-catching and bold colour that you can get! Keeping it minimal is the way forward, so no need to binge on the accessories. Just let the dress and a pair of statement heels do all the talking. If you're feeling you need a bit of a pattern to match your LBD, then dress it up with some simple spotty or heart tights. offers an incedible range of little red dresses:

LRDs are there to suit everyone, although the look may be a little harder to work if you're a redhead! I'd suggest that the lighter your hair colour and paler your skin, the darker the shade to go for. This will allow a greater contrast between you and the dress- so it has a much greater impact!


  1. The first one is gorgeous! It is in my bookmarks for the next Asos order! It's so hot!

  2. red is great
    have you seen the red dress from the garden collection by H&M, so so pretty
    very valentino
    nice photos

  3. I just wore a red blazer and I was so conscious.. A tan is needed